Krasi Todorov

znart, design, painting

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1986 – 1991 Master’s degree in Mural Painting at Nicolay Pavlovich National Academy of Art – Sofia
1983 – 1985 Industrial and Civil Engineering at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Sofia
Projects and achievements:
to present day
International project ZN ART based on method of my own for investigating the n-dimensionality of spaces, and aimed at the application of the high technologies in the education and culture field; knowledge communication and creation of innovative ambiance
to present day
Author, organizer and curator of the International project The Sunset of civilizations? based on the digitalization of the cultural heritage and its artistic presentation
March, 2017 International Project Beyond, organized by ZN ART Center - Sofia, IWS Albania, VIZart and Center for Openness and Dialogue in Tirana, Albania. First Place Award for demonstrating watercolor sculpture
2016 Creative consultant of the International Watercolor Triennial – Varna and the travelling exhibition WATERcolor & Spirit in 7 Bulgarian towns
November, 2014
International project Paradigm of the Contemporary Space and Spatial Awareness organized by ZN ART Center – Sofia; MSTU Stankin; Network for Technical Support of Education in Moscow, and the Department of Education in the town of Moscow. Creation of the sculpture Griffins - Guardians of Knowledge as DAAM International Vienna gold award, given at the 25th DAAM International Symposium by the Chairman Branko Katalinic and Krasi Todorov to Dr. Wilfried Stoll, owner of Festo and general sponsor of the organization
2012 Permanent presentation center, RSUH, Moscow
2011 -2014 Bulgarian - Russian project Face2Face, organized by the ZN ART Center – Sofia and the International Institute for New Educational Technologies, RSUH, Moscow, aimed at the synthesis of arts, science and hi-tech. Master classes and practical demonstrations.
November 2013 – June 2014 International project The World Culture Among Three Mountains and accompanying art presentation at the XIV Olympiad of the Russian Language at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute – Moscow
May 2013 International project The Contemporary World and the Digital Technologies: exhibition, science conference, and hi-tech demonstrations
2009 Archaeology and the Contemporary World: façade of the Archeological museum – Plovdiv
2008 - 2010 International project Academy for Classical Education in Arts “Ilya Glazounov”, presented in UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and Ministry of culture in Bulgaria
October 2008 Creative project OXYZn, presented at the Frankfurt Book fair, aimed at the innovations in the education and publishing industries
August 2008
Curator of Bulgarian - Russian project 130 years from the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman yoke:  open-air seminar with visit of the major holy places from this historic period and exhibition
2004, 2005, 2006 Curator of the National Art Competition and Exhibition Wine & Art, organized by the National Academy of Art – Sofia and Todoroff Wine Cellar
2002 – 2003 International project Phivos & Athena: creation of a whole Olympic collection with original 3D puzzles of the Mascots
September 2001 International project with the Vlatadon Initiative Changing the Teaching Culture about the Balkans: solo exhibition and conference, inaugurated by  the Ecumenical Patriarch
2000 Producer and Host of a TV program Roots, dedicated to the traditions and the new tendencies in the area of arts and culture
1997 Curator of art project Neftochim for the popularization of Bulgarian artists via media presentations and printed advertising editions
1993 - 1997 PR campaign The Banks and the Bulgarian Culture
1996 Cultural project under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria The World Monuments on our Lands, aimed at the Bulgarian heritage
1992 Curator of the Bulgarian Art exhibition in Munich, Germany, organized by Foundation Sapio
1991 Educational project Art & Fashion. Gold medal at the International fair Plovdiv Exhibition.
1994, 1997, 2003, 2008 Technological projects of the production process in the publishing industry and overall design: Dunav Press – Ruse, KKE – Athens, Alliance Print and Billboard – Sofia
May 2013
to present day
Permanent collection of 110 innovative originals ZN Art - Museum from Paper, Regional History Museum - Vratsa
April 27–May 31, 2017 Art in Embassies Exhibition Expressive Landscapes from America and Bulgaria, Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria
April 24-27, 2017 Festival UrbinoInAcquerello
April 20-23, 2017 Fabriano in Watercolor: International Watercolor Festival, Italy
March 2017 2nd Tirana Watercolor Biennale
December 1-5, 2016 17th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 
September 2016 International Artist Colony OMERIKA, Pristina, Kosovo
September 2016 International Art Symposium Karpos, Macedonia
August 20-27, 2016 International Art Symposium Mihajlovo-Kavadarci, Macedonia
July 2016 1st International Watercolor Symposium and Exhibition, Belogradchik
July 2016 International Triennial WATERcolor & Spirit, Varna 2016, Bulgaria
May 1-7, 2016 VIZart: Spring Watercolor Festival, Albania
April 25- 28, 2016 Fabriano in Watercolor: International Watercolor Festival, Italy
March 28 -31, 2016 1st International Watercolor Biennale Pearls of Peace, Pakistan
September 17-30, 2015 Jubilee solo exhibition Codes of Timelessness – information Field, Art Center Pleven
August 8-18, 2015 Collective exhibition, International Camp ARTTRAD, Sebes, Romania
June 01 - 06, 2015 Collective exhibition One week in Sozopol, Bulgarian – French open-air seminar in Sozopol
May 12 - 15, 2015 Collective exhibition, 4th International Watercolor Festival in Bornova Homer Love and Peace through Art, Izmir, Turkey
May 2015 2015 World Watercolor Triennale - South Korea
May 25–30, 2014 First international symposium Sozopol
May 2011 Jubilee solo exhibition Across the Bridge of Timelessness, the big hall of art gallery Ivan Funev, Regional History Museum - Vratsa
December 2010
Jubilee solo exhibition Zn At, National Institute of Archaeology with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
August 2008 Collective exhibition 130 years from the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman yoke
September 2001 Solo exhibition The Christian Symbols, the Common National Air-Traffic Control Centre
December 2000 Solo exhibition Philipopolis – center of the Christian Religion Thrace, Archeological museum - Plovdiv
June 1999, May 1998 Solo exhibition The Sunset of civilizations?, Salon of the Arts, National Palace of Culture
December 1998 Exclusive for NATO solo exhibition The Sunset of civilizations?, National Palace of  Culture, hall 6
October 1998 Solo exhibition The advertisement is Art, Advertisement Expo, National Palace of  Culture
December 1996 Solo exhibition in gallery Makta